The Pure Press - Almond Milk.

Perth's finest raw almond milk. Cold pressed with no additives, preservatives or sugar. Free from dairy, soy, gluten and lactose. Unpasteurised and made with whole activated almonds. Vegan and vegetarian friendly.







Handmade raw almond milk, creamy, delicious and PURE.

We make almond milk the way it should be made with real whole almonds. Your average supermarket almond milk is typically 2-3% almond content.  Our product is made with 18%, which we then cold press so we squeeze out every last drop of almond goodness.

We activate our almonds before processing, this allows them to more easily digested.  Our milk has no added sugar, preservatives or additives.  No numbers here, or ingredients you cant pronounce.

Our milk is raw and is not subjected to pasteurisation, sure it has a shorter shelf life. But isn't that the way mother nature intended it to be?

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